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Writing a complaint letter does not need to take a lot of time. You can find out where to send your letter in our list of companies or search on the web. Below is a sample letter form that you can use to send in your complaint. Some companies have their own forms that they may ask you to fill out on line.

The most effective way to get your complaint resolved is to do it without emotional outburst.

Presenting facts, not emotions, will help you get your complaint across to the receiver of the complaint.

You need to understand the difference between your emotional state and that of the person receiving the complaint.

For you the complaint is a BIG DEAL. The person receiving your complaint may not be responsible for what has happened to you. They may be receiving complaints like yours many time each day.

So before you call or write a complaint try to remain calm so that you can present your case in a way that the receiver can understand the facts.

But first, relax and remain calm. There is no issue bigger than your health. Relax...

by Chris Brown

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