Stress Solutions - by Livet

Solve Your Problems, Reduce Your Stress

reduce stress

Stress can be eliminated when your problems are solved. Think how stressful it must have been, in the days before pen and paper, to try and remember all the things you had to do? Unfortunately now it is just as stressful to look at our TO DO LIST realizing that we need another lifetime to finish all the things we want to do.

But best way to eliminate stress is to solve the problems that you face daily. So once you've analyzed the "top three" culprits of your stress try to stop them from robbing your "Life Bank".

Creative solutions developed by others can be your first attempt. Solving your own problems can be very rewarding and make you feel like you are in charge of the stress in your life, not the other way around.

For example your first step in resolving an issue may be to file a complaint. Filing a formal complaint helps you pull together facts and understand your emotions. Keep it in mind though that the person receiving the complaint most likely did not do anything to cause your problem. The more information they have the quicker they can help you out.

How to complain?

Where to complain?