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Prevent Stress - Live Better

prevent stress

Do you feel overwhelmed by stress? Is it keeping you up at night? Is your family life chaotic and you don't know how you are going to survive to the weekend? Some stresses are external and you may not be able to prevent them. There are many stresses though that we create ourselves.

One way to prevent stress is to stop adding to it. Say no to others! Say no to yourself! Do you want to do everything, try everything, eat everything? Well, you can't. Time is a limit that we all face and reality check will make you realize that time withdrawals from your "Life Bank" can not be replenished.

When you buy something or start new activities, you need to evaluate the positive benefit you will get from it versus the withdrawal from your "Life Bank" that you are making at the same time.

For example, you are thinking of getting a pet. Before you do, do the math. There are the positive deposits to your "Life Bank": stress relief, companionship, fun and play. The withdrawals from "Life Bank" can be: training, feeding, cleaning after, grooming, vet visits, care in sickness, property destruction.

How much time do you have in your daily schedule to devote to a pet? Depending on the type of pet your "Life Bank" withdrawals will be more or less. The only reason to consider getting a pet is if you value the deposits more than the withdrawals.

Everything you buy or do will have positive and negative impact on your "Life Bank". Your time is the limited resource that you are giving out freely.

Invest your time so that you are getting the most for every minute of your life!