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Eliminating stress does not mean getting rid of your kids or your spouse! Once you identify the "top three" causes of your stress look at how you can get yourself out from stressful situations.

Many times we think something would be a lot of fun and bring you lot's of joy. It turns out though that that same activity has created more stress in your life then the benefit you got out of it.

Life is trial and error. There are no failures! So your plan did not work out! Change your plan! Make sure that you are getting more out of each activity then you deposit. Invest in yourself!

Let's say you think you'd enjoy gardening. Well you dig out half of your yard, you plant seeds, you start growing them. Then you find out that your garden made some positive deposits like the satisfaction of seeing something grow, relaxation when you are there. But then your job got busier, garden needs weeding, watering, bugs took over. You try to revive it every weekend, but it's not working. Every time you look at your garden it reminds you of the failure you are.

Eliminate the stress! Look at your garden, what have you grown successfully? If rocks are all that grow well, GROW ROCKS! Rocks can be as relaxing as flowers. Your results will let you know how much resource you truly have to devote to the activity. Learn from it about yourself.

The more successfull you will be at accomplishing something the more will your feeling of accomplishment add to the balance of your "Life Bank".