Deal with Stress - by Livet

Dealing with Stress Effectively

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There are times in everyone's life when external stress is put on us that we have no control over. There are times when we can't do it alone and need help and support of others to help us deal with stress. The outlook on the stress that we are facing may change how much of our "Life Bank" resources are taken by this stress.

Finding those who can help you deal with the stress, benefiting from their experience, and sometimes sharing your experience can help you deal with this type of stress.

Dealing with stress means that you are proactively looking to reduce your stress. Some find the impact of stress is lessened by support groups. Others get relief by starting a support group and actively helping others. You may need professional help to get you over the hump. There are many paths to find a way out of a forest. You need to find the path that's right for you.