Life Balance - by Livet

Life Balance for Stress Relief

prevent stress

The best way to increase a balance in your bank is to make a deposit. This is a best way to manage your "Life Bank" as well. For every withdrawal make a deposit.

Focus on making positive deposits in your bank every day. Positive deposits are things that make you happy or help you relax. While you can't avoid everything negative, the key is balance.

The same activity may be relaxing to one person yet stressful to another. To one person cooking is a joy, to another it's a chore.

Barter with your family members to share the chores so that everyone can do the once that stress them out the least. Be careful to ensure, that whichever activity you select, has a positive impact on your "Bottom Line", "Life Line" that is..

Relaxing by the pool, in the sun reading your favorite novel... Sound good to you? You think a pool would add to the quality of your life. Well, if you live in Florida or somewhere south and you use it at least four or five months each year, even if you spend weeks maintaining it, you can get enough positive impact out of it.

On the other hand if you live in the northern states, and you spend only a few months a year using it and many weeks out of each year maintaining it, you may consider a membership in a swim club instead.

Life is filled with choices. Make choices that will help you keep a positive balance in your bank. Surround yourself with positive experiences. Simplify your life. Redefine joy in your daily routine. You do not have to break your financial bank to invest in your "Life Bank".