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Analyze Your Stress Symptoms

analyze stress symptoms

Think about your daily routine. When is it most stressful? Morning getting ready for work? At work? At school? Dinner time? Driving? Waiting? Is it more stressful during the week or the weekends? Is your stress caused by external factors or is it your own worries?

To manage your stress you need to identify the culprit that is constantly making withdrawals from your "Life Bank". There are many ways to determine where your stress is draining your energy.

First make a list of everything that is in your daily life that adds to your stress. You may look at the list of topics below for ideas. Keep the list handy so that as you go through the week you can add to your list.

Review your list and select 3 of the most consuming sources of your stress. Those are the ones that you can to concentrate on to maximize the benefits of your efforts. Keep the list handy so that you can add to it as you face new issues. Stick it in your calendar so that every couple of months you can revisit to see if the "top three" are still the same.

Learn about the the top three sources of your stress. Understanding the basis of your stress is the first step to eliminating it.

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