Stress Management - by Livet

Stress Management Tips & Techniques


Stress is part of our daily routine. Stress is like a tornado that starts small and after a while feeds on itself to grow to the point where you feel that your life is out of control.

Too much stress can affect our health, relationships and result in more stress. Managing stress in your life is becoming as important as managing your finances.

To manage stress you have many options:

  • Decrease the amount of activities that cause stress.
  • Maximize the amount of activities that reduce stress.
  • Change the way you have been doing your daily tasks so that it's not as stressful.
  • Learn coping techniques that can help you deal with stress better.

Before you can manage your stress you need to identify it's source. What aspects of your life are having the most impact in increasing the stress? Which part of the day are you most relaxed?

Stress is not always caused by activity. It could be caused by lack of activity. When do you worry the most. BALANCE your life with activities that diffuse stress.

We at Livet have identified seven ways to help you manage your stress. Each one of us has a "Life Bank" account that we make our deposits to and take withdrawals from during our daily routine. When you increase the stress in your life you are making a withdrawal from your "Life Bank" account. When you are doing something pleasant and relaxing, you are making deposits to your "Life Bank".

We continually look for ways that will help you maintain a positive balance in your "Life Bank". Each person is unique in the stress they face and how they deal with this stress. That's why we present as many ways as we discover to help you define your unique path forward to a stress free lifestyle.

Your Life Bank

ANALYZE Determine what is causing your stress. Determine which activities reduce your stress.
SOLVE Identify the issues that are causing your stress and solve them.
PREVENT Find ways to prevent situations that cause your stress.
ELIMINATE Create new ways of performing your daily tasks so that stress is eliminated
CHANGE Some stress can't be eliminated or prevented. Look for ways to change your current situation that may be less stressful.
DEAL There are stressful situations that are brought on by circumstances in life that you may have no control over them. Learn to cope with it better.
BALANCE There are many ways that can be used to help you balance the stress in your life. Changing your outlook and adding activities that relieve your stress. We show you how.